2021 Psychedelic Investor Guide Released

MIAMI, Oct. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ehave, Inc., (OTC Pink: EHVVF) (the “Company”), a provider of digital therapeutics for the psychedelic and mental health sectors, announced today its wholly owned KetaDASH will be one of the sponsors of the 2021 Psychedelic Investor Guide. KetaDASH is an Intravenous (IV) based, home delivery platform for patients who have been prescribed Ketamine.

“Sponsoring the Psychedelic Investor Guide is a great opportunity for Ehave as we roll out our KetaDASH platform and home infusion service,” said Ben Kaplan, CEO of Ehave. “We want to let the psychedelic industry know more about KetaDASH, which additionally is a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based patient monitoring platform that will be early to market as one of the first home healthcare providers offering IV based infusion therapy of ketamine.”

Using the intuitive HIPAA compliant KetaDash cloud-based app, patients can find the best facilities to have treatment prescribed, and once prescribed check the availability of nurses. During and after treatment, the app can monitor the treatment allowing patients and medical professionals to view detailed reports on the ketamine therapy’s progress.

Institutional Analyst Inc. announced the release of the 2021 Psychedelic Investor Guide on Monday, October 18th. The Psychedelic Investor Guide is the most comprehensive and easy to use guide covering the rapidly growing Psychedelic investment landscape.

Forty-six of the leading companies in the sector are listed.

Each Profile Contains:

  • Stock chart
  • Financial information
  • Business description
  • Six of the most recent headlines, with links to company press releases.

Additionally included are direct links to each Company’s investor relations page and a direct link to their SEC or SEDAR filings pages. The Guide provides everything an investor needs, to get acquainted with the emerging leaders.

The Guide Features:

Large cap companies over $500 million such as Atai Life Sciences $ATAI ($2 billion), Compass Pathways $CMPS ($1.3 billion) and Mind Medicine $MNMD ($870 million).

7 mid-cap companies valued over $100 million.

29 small-cap companies valued under $100 million such as Bright Minds Biosciences $BMBIF ($88 million), Small Pharma $DMTTF ($70 million) and Mydecine Group $MYCOF ($66 million).

12 micro-cap companies under $25 million such as Wesana Health $WSNAF ($25 million), BetterLife Pharma BETRF ($20 million) and Delic Holding $DELCF ($11 million).

“We created the Guide in a readable PDF format which provides an easy and quick way for investors to literally flip page after page, looking for investment opportunities,” stated Roland Rick Perry, editor of the Psychedelic Stock Review. “If an investor is seriously hunting for new ideas, this can save hours and hours of tedious research work. It took our team weeks to gather the data and present it in the easiest and most readable format available, in magazine style – which can be printed.”

Everything an investor needs to get started, is right at the touch of their fingertips. Reviewing the Guide is less time consuming than clicking on site after site, and webpage after webpage in the research gathering process.

The guide will be updated monthly, and the company list updated weekly on our website under the A-Z Universe section of the website. The Guide will be renamed the 2022 Investor Guide on January 4th. Additions and deletions to the list will occur as warranted by its research staff.

To receive your free copy of the 2021 Psychedelic Investor guide visit http://psychedelicstockreview.com/2021-psychedelic-investor-guide/

The Guide will be delivered directly to the 20,000 subscribers of the Biotech Stock Review, with no need to resubscribe.

Copies will additionally be printed and mailed to Analysts and Investment Bankers providing psychedelic sector coverage at Aegis, Baader Bank, Berenberg Capital, Bloom Burton, Canaccord, Cantor Fitzgerald, CITI Investment Research, Clarus, Cowen, Credit Suisse, Dejardins Securities, HC Wainwright, Maxim, RBC Capital, Roth Capital, Stifel GMP and Think Equity. As well as to our proprietary database of small-cap Biotech Investment Bankers and Biotech Hedge Funds.  

About Institutional Analyst

Institutional Analyst was launched in 1995 as an independent research and investor‐relations-consulting firm that publishes investment grade research reports on independently selected companies. Institutional Analyst Inc., manages several industry specific websites and newsletters including the Internet Stock Review, the Biotech Stock Review, the Marijuana Stock Review and Beverage Start Up News. The firm is additionally retained to create broad-based industry guides, by professional investors such as hedge funds, for newly emerging sectors including the Psychedelic sector.

For further information, publicly traded Companies can contact Roland Perry at 310-594-8062 or Roland@InstitutionalAnalyst.com

About Ehave, Inc.

Qualified patients, doctors, and clinics are invited to visit http://www.KetaDash.com/sign-up for more information.

Ehave, Inc. (EHVVF) is a leader of digital therapeutics delivering evidence-based therapeutic interventions to patients. Our primary focus is on improving the standard care in therapeutics to prevent or treat brain disorders or diseases through the use of digital therapeutics, independently or together, with medications, devices, and other therapies to optimize patient care and health outcomes. Our main product is the Ehave Telemetry Portal, which is a mental health informatics platform that allows clinicians to make objective and intelligent decisions through data insights. The Ehave Infinity Portal offers a powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence platform with a growing set of advanced tools and applications developed by Ehave and its leading partners. This empowers patients, healthcare providers, and payers to address a wide range of conditions through high quality, safe, and effective data-driven involvement with intelligent and accessible tools. Additional information on Ehave can be found on the Company’s website at: www.ehave.com.

Additional Sponsors

New to the Street TV

The 2021 Guide is sponsored in part by New to the Street, which since 2009 produces biographical investment related interviews, across major U.S. Television networks. The TV platforms include NewsMax, reaches over 540 million homes in aggregate every Sunday. New to the Street will publicize the Guides availability to this audience.

Companies interested in appearing in our upcoming Psychedelic Investor TV episode are invited to visit http://psychedelicstockreview.com/psychedelic-investor-tv/

or call Roland Perry at 310-594-8062

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