From these original 7 OG Kush seeds (1st photo below) I grew 49 plants after sexing them and taking clones from the females. Presently I have 4 plants near completion and I could have keep going by cloning but I grew tired of OG Kush and will be growing something different this winter.


NOTE:  I grew Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Gold Leaf. GSCE seeds are on sale right now.


Stay tuned for that. I’m going to try some hemp too! My plan; grow hemp and marijuana indoors and make my own CBD oil or at least set up a press that will be used to press the flowers under pressure and collect the I’m not sure what it’s called.


In this group, there were 17 plants growing nicely in my grow room as shown in the photos below.

I lived in a 100 year old house. The house was for sale for 3 years and finally somebody gave a cash offer. That meant no inspection but I had to vacate in 3 weeks or the deal was off.

I found a place to move to about 7 miles away and packed up.


I hardly ever have bag seed anymore so I buy my seeds from Robert Bergman.  He’s safe and honest with guaranteed shipping.


The last thing I moved were my plants. There were a few problems that had to be fixed in the new house so I had to hide 17 plants for 2 weeks while contractors were in and out. It was a major pain, I couldn’t set up proper lights, my girls were suffering and I was afraid of them morphing so I decided to harvest after only 5 weeks of flowering.


This cost me dearly in yield and quality but surprisingly the weed was good.


Below is a gallery of photos from seed to harvest.

There was really nothing I could do because of the strangers coming in and out of the house. Luckily I kept the mother going in a closest and I was able to take 4 more clones so as soon as the new house was done I had 4 plants growing that will be ready in about 4 more weeks.