Monday, January 30, 2023

GMO Cookies (Garlic Cookies) Strain Review

GMO Cookies, additionally referred to as Garlic Cookies is a powerful indica strain developed by Divine Genetics for skilled weed fanatics. With an ordinary THC content from 22 to 30 percent, those with low tolerances ought to be mindful! Mapping its origins back to the going across of GSC as well as Chemdawg, it’s no surprise why this strain has such a solid appeal.

It’s also the parent strain to Wonka Bars, and minimal well-known Han Solo Burger. GMO Cookies offers a strong mental and also physical experience, loosening up the body and mind of the individual. This strain is useful for those aiming to manage physical discomfort, an adverse headspace, or sleeplessness. This strain is also rather easy to expand, with finding feminized seeds often being the hardest part.


If you have a low resistance or are a beginner smoker, be extremely careful with how much of this strain you consume! It has a relatively high focus of THC and is understood to generate an especially potent head high. With the initial pair breathes in, you will already begin to really feel a deep wave of leisure come by your body and mind. Mentally, this strain brings about bliss as well as a lifted, extra favorable headspace. It assists the user let go of adverse ideas or any type of type of anxiety they might be carrying with them.

Consequently, GMO Cookies is really valuable for those struggling with depression or anxiety. With the relaxing headspace and the hefty body high, this strain can actually aid the customer unwind and also continue to be in harmony present. Garlic Cookies additionally produces a solid body high, soothing and tension in the body and also replacing it with a gentle euphoria. This facet of the high can be actually valuable to those looking to handle physical discomfort, pain, or swelling.

Unlike various other stress, GMO Cookies will create a high that lasts over 3 hours. At the beginning, the high will certainly be quite blissful literally and psychologically, but as it discolors, it’ll maintain the user in a positive and also imaginative headspace for longer than the common strain.


This strain was developed particularly for those with high resistances by a firm called Divine Genetics, so it often tends to be a heavy hitter. The greatest THC content ever before tested for Garlic Cookies came out to be around 33%, which is extremely high for an indica. Because of this, if over eaten, this strain can bring about stress and anxiety, fear, or intense couch lock.

Routine smokers are much less most likely to experience these unfavorable results, more-so just the red eyes as well as cotton mouth that can include more powerful strains. If you have a reduced resistance or are brand-new to smoking, make certain to take your time and start slow-moving with GMO Cookies.


The buds themselves are a light olive green in shade, with a layer of white trichomes. Additionally existing can be purple hues, as well as orange trichomes woven throughout the bud. Unlike a lot of indicas, the buds have a tendency to grow lengthy as well as level, like the shape of a pepper. GMO Cookies plants have a tendency to be pretty thick and expand to a tool height.

Taste and Aroma

Although the name recommends a sweet flavor evocative baked goods, GMO Cookies really preferences and also smells a lot like garlic. This strain has a natural taste with diesel notes, however upon exhale, you will certainly see the garlic notes, as well as some spicy and also floral touches.

Its leading terpene is caryophyllene, bringing the spice to the flavor profile, as well as its anti inflammatory impacts. GMO Cookies also has a noteworthy quantity of limonene as well as bisabolol. Limonene has a lemony citrus flavor and aids with easing stress and anxiety and depression. Bisabolol is responsible for this strain’s flower undertones, as well as has buildings that offer well to treating anxiety, swelling, and also promoting correct immune system feature.

Growing GMO Cookies

Growing GMO Cookies is relatively very easy, with among the hardest components being the process of locating feminized seeds. This strain is commonly marketed as photoperiod seeds or as a duplicate, so be sure that you’re really getting what you’re looking to acquire. This strain can be expanded inside or outdoors, however indoors may present less challenges or disadvantages. GMO Cookies has a normally high resistance to disease and parasites, so you will not require to place lots of protective steps in position in that sense.

This plant tends to grow pretty thick and spread out, so be aware of this as you’re prepping your indoor arrangement. Along with this, the plants can create a quite horrible garlicky aroma, a lot of people select to restrict its aroma to an interior expand space. GMO Cookies needs a cozy, relatively dry climate to thrive and also is usually collected around mid to late October. The typical blooming time gets on the longer side at 10 weeks, yet it’s well worth it for the high returns this strain can bring! Inside your home, the return is around 16 ounces per plant, however outdoors, it can be as much as 21 ounces.

Who Is This Strain Good For?

On the whole, this strain is helpful for anyone seeking to unwind and create a relaxing atmosphere for themselves. Clinically talking, GMO Cookies is among the most searched for strains for those wanting to reduce physical pain, depression, or anxiety. The waves of bliss brought on by this strain enable the individual to disconnect from any type of negative thoughts or feelings in the body. It has all-natural anti inflammatory and also mood improving buildings because of its distinct structure of terpenes.

The headspace this strain creates is extremely sluggish relocating as well as loosening up, best for any person wanting to cool down at the end of their day. GMO Cookies can likewise be useful for those experiencing insomnia because of the way it is able to calm you down, creating the ideal transition to a good night’s rest. If being utilized during the day, the sedative residential or commercial properties begin to wear away after a pair hours, leaving the customer in an open, innovative, as well as smooth headspace.

On the whole, this strain is truly valuable for a variety of leisure and also clinical objectives, although it ought to be used with caution. Its high focus of THC is known to be overwhelming sometimes for new customers. If you consume way too much, occasionally stress and anxiety, paranoia, as well as couch-lock can develop consequently. However eventually, if you understand your restrictions as well as take your time with the consumption of this strain, all of those negative side effects can be conveniently avoided!